Aluminum profiles


KAMB Import-Export is the exclusive representative manufacturer of aluminum profiles - the company NEUMAN Aluminium in Poland. This Austrian company, which has over 200 years of tradition and ISO 9002 produces (up to 2,500 tons) a whole range of aluminum profiles according to customer projects.

We offer customers in Poland, as well as customers in the Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine profiles made of Al alloy EN AW 1050A, 6060, 6063, 6005, 6082 and others. Many years of experience and tradition and the most modern equipment in the testing devices and control and measurement give 100-percent guarantee of quality profiles used in a variety of areas, ranging from the most demanding applications in the automotive industry, through products for the electrical industry (machine parts and housing) and for industrial installations (structures, solar collectors), and construction (facades, frames, doors, ventilation systems), furniture, interior design and road (elements of road signs, road bands) ending. With lightness, precision, durability and aesthetic appearance of aluminum profiles appear continuously new areas of application.

Profiles are made to order based on the drawings of customers, whereby the dies are made of steel. The minimum order quantity for a single product delivery is - due to technological reasons - approx. 1000 kg. Profiles are made of aluminum alloy ingots. Are pre-heated up to a temperature of 500 ° C and under high pressure "jacked" through a die and then cooled, cut and then annealed to obtain the desired temper. At the customer's request so made profiles may be subject to further processing: trimming, milling, drilling. It is also possible surface treatment consists in anodizing increasing a great surface resistance and can be used to change the color.

Range Physical produced profiles: 

The maximum size of the circle described for open profiles 200 mm
The maximum size of the circle described for the closed sections 240 mm
The maximum weight of one meter profile 15 kg
The minimum weight of one meter profile 0,2 kg
he maximum length of profile 7500 mm

List of alloys available for the production of profiles and the states in which Al profiles can be delivered, can be found on the manufacturer's website - or by contacting our company.

 The company NEUMAN Aluminium has in offer a counstruct profile system that we offer in the case of contracts in the amounts above.


Besides profiles performed on an individual order we also have the ability to supply imported standard profiles, such as pipes (round, rectangular, square - well with rounded corners, oval), flats, angles, T-bars, (also double), channels, bars (the square), some special profiles, metal sheet s (anodized), and - elbows, joints, nipples, etc.

This type of profile we are able to bring even a small amount (minimum order value is EUR 350 net of transport costs). Please contact us by email or phone to check the availability of interesting items.

In our offer there is also a system of aluminum fencing of the whole range of major elements and finishes to choose from according to customer preferences.