Cemented Carbides

Cemented carbides

KAMB Import-Export supplies a full range of metal powders and carbides for Powder Metallurgy (W, WC, Ta, Co, TaC, Ti, TiC, NbC etc.), but also ready-to-use mixtures (WCCo, TaNbC etc.) used for cemented carbides products manufacturing. We also supply finished products, mainly cutting tools, in form of:

  • Cutting WCCo wheels of different sizes, [we can also supply hand cutters for tiles and terracotta]
  • Cutting tools made according to customer’s drawing and according to customer’s requirements regarding chemical composition / hardness etc.
  • Other cutting tips (carbide woodworking tips, etc.)

  • Cemented carbide drawing dies,
  • Other cemented carbide parts of different application

Products of cemented carbide are made from a variety of sintered WCCo (with different proportions of tungsten carbide and cobalt) powder with different grain size (micron and sub-micron), often with the addition of other materials (eg. TiC Ta (Nb) C, et al.) so as to obtain the desired properties of the final sintered (hardness, density, bending strength, etc.). In some cases, in order to increase the stability of the products they are covered with layers of material hardening of TiC, TiN, Al2O3). The hardness of the standard products of cemented carbides ranges from about 86 HRA to 93 HRA, density - of approx. 11 g / cm3 to almost 15 g / cm3, a bending strength - 1,350 N / mm3 to 3000 N / mm3.

Practice we can supply any of cemented carbide products, both standard and made to order. Many of the products we offer a very low price.

Saw with Carbide-tipped.

The illustration shows the tip of carbide saw blades. Depending on the application and the requirements they are made from different frits.

Drills with cemented carbide.

The illustration shows a variety of tip carbide drill. Depending on the application and the requirements they are made from different frits.