Flood Protection System


KAMB Import-Export supplies PREFA® aluminium profile flood protection system, manufactured by NEUMAN Aluminium Austria GmbH. KAMB Import-Export is the exclusive representative of NEUMAN Aluminium company in Poland.

Long-lasting rains, the spring melting snow and sudden storms cause local and regional floods, which are disasters for individuals and communities. Big hydrological investments can be only carried out by regional or even national authorities, due to their enormous costs. Anyhow, local anti-flood measures can be undertaken by local authorities, companies and individuals. Thesae mesures are easy to introduce, they last for many years and can protect isolated surfaces, industrial facilities and single buildings. Thanks to a resonable investment one can save from flood valuable things: a personal house with its equipment, a factory with its machines, public buildings (theaters, bibliotheques, authority headquarters etc.) and, depending on the lie of the land, even small communities.

Flood Protection System - examples:

Flood Protection System.


The flood protecyion system is composed from aluminium profiles. The esthetic structure of the system is fixed permanently. It is not disturbing and almost not visible. In case of a danger the system is being "armed" with horizontal profiles, which can mount quickly one person, without a great effort.