KAMB Import-Export was founded in 1991. We are a small trading company, specialized in non-ferrous metals, metal alloys, semi products (sheet, strip, wire, bars, aluminium profiles etc.), a wide range of metal powders. We also supply some chemicals (sulphur, pigments), powder metallurgy parts, cemented carbide parts, titanium semi-products, diamond tools and materials and equipment for diamond tools manufacturing. Otherwise than manufacturers, we are not limited to a finished list of products. KAMB, as a trading company, supplies hundreds of materials and other goods and the best way to check our possibilities is to contact us. We are always open to check any possibility of supply of a material, which exactly replies customer’s requirements. It is precisely our main objective: to keep the highest quality of our service and of products we provide. We are, of course, price-oriented what means we offer best prices, but we never reduce a quality in order to give more competitive price. Our second objective it is to supply technologically the most advanced products. This is why we closely cooperate with the most innovative manufacturers from all parts of the world. We do not forget traditional products, but are also able to supply materials giving our customers technological advantage. KAMB Import-Export, as a small, family company, has many adavntages for our customers: costs of our operations are very low, therefore we can offer better prices without any compromise regarding quality. We also offer our customers a personalized service and friendly relations what makes business a pleasure. In 2011 we celebrate 20th anniversary of our activity. During these tewnty years Poland has changed, Europe has changed, world has changed, KAMB Import-Export has also changed, become stronger, but has been still the same.