Industrial Diamonds

KAMB Import-Export is one of the biggest and oldest suppliers of industrial diamonds for Polish market.

We supply all types of diamonds and diamond and CBN powders, which can be necessary for diamond and CBN tools production.

Our offer - for the home market and for export - contains:

Diamond powders:

  • natural:
    • mesh size, different qualities / applications; from 16/18 mesh through 400/500 mesh 
    • micron size (from 0 - 1/4 µm through 54 - 80 µm)
  • synthetic mesh size powders (produced by a process using a cobalt based catalyst and a nickel based catalyst), numerous qualities and grades for all possible applications, from 18/20 mesh through 60/80 mesh:
    • also for electroplating applications
    • also electroless nickel coated and electroless copper coated
    • also plasma coated with: Ti, TiC, TiN, TiCN, Si, Cu, Cr, CrNi, Cr2C3 / Cr3C2, Zr, Al, AlN
  • synthetic micron powders, offered with the tightest possible particle size distribution from 0 - 1/4 µm through 54 - 80 µm; types:
    • for metal bond tools
    • for resin bond tools
    • nickel / copper coated
  • polycrystalline micron size diamond powders (produced by detonation diamond shock synthesis)

CBN powders:

  • CBN mesh powders, (seven different grades for different applications), produced from 50/60 mesh through 400/500 mesh, also supplied nickel coated / copper coated
  • CBN micron powders, offered from 0 - 1/4 µm through 54 - 80 µm, precisely graded

Natural diamond stones:

  • Dressers, from 6-7 spc (stones per carat) through a few carat stones, of different qualities (one point, two, three point stones)
  • Trialngles
  • Longs
  • Flats
  • Rounds
  • Dodecs
  • Drillings
  • Castings

KAMB Import-Export supplies natural industrial diamond stones for every industrial application, in most qualities.