Metal Powders

KAMB Import-Expor supplies all possible non-ferrous pure metal powders and alloy metal powders, including nano sizes.

We do not keep a stock; we supply to order. We buy metal powders from all over the world, as we always try to offer a quality exactly required by buyer and a quantity he wants to buy: we can offer, (depending on a material), single grams, kilograms, hundreds of kilograms, tons, always at the best price.

This is a scope of our activity in metal powders:

  • Pure metal powders (Cu, Ag, Cr, Ni, Co, B, Ti, V, Pb, Nb, Bi. Al, Mo, W, Fe etc.)
  • Alloy powders (Bronze, Brass, Magnesium alloy AZ91E etc.)
  • Metal carbide powders (TiC, WC, B4C, VC, NbC, TaC, SiC etc.)
  • Titanium Alloy powders (Ti6Al4V, Ti13Nb13Zr, etc.)
  • Mixtures (WCCo, TaNbC)
  • Nitrides, Oxides, Sulfides (Al2O3, SiO2, Y2O3, MoO3, In2(SO4)3, ZrO2, TiN, Cubic BN, etc.)
  • Sintering Powders (ready-to-use mixtures for determined powder metallurgy applications)
  • Reactive powders (Fe(0) - zero-valent iron)

In case of an inquiry please indicate, apart of quantity and terms & time of delivery:

  • Required purity of the main element
  • Chemical composition in case of alloys
  • Maximum level of impurities, if any
  • Required size
  • Required shape of particles, if it is important for buyer
  • Intended application
  • Other features, if required