Other metals


KAMB Import-Export is even more active in Minor Metals trading.

Among others we trade following metals: magnesium [Mg], manganese [Mn], antymony Sb], cadmium [Cd], mercury [Hg], indium [In], titanium [Ti], strontium [Sr], sodium [Na], tungsten [W], gallium [Ga], arsenic [As], calcium [Ca], chromium [Cr], molybdenum [Mo], niobium [Nb], vanadium [V], zirconium [Zr] etc.

Primary refined cadmium metal, Cd 99,99 %, is the main minor metal we supply; specification: Refined Cadmium Product Data Sheet

We are also worldwide active in mercury metal trading.


KAMB Import-Export, as a trading company, can supply most primary metals - aluminum, copper, nickel, tin, lead and zinc. We trade different grades of primary metals, starting from LME Specifications, but we also supply higher and lower quality materials. SHG Zinc is the main primary metal product we supply; specification: SHG Zn Product Data Sheet

KAMB Import-Export trades also brass and bronze. Contacact us in case of your interest in primary metals.