Semi products and alloys


Apart of metals themselves, KAMB Import-Export supplies metal alloys, including master alloys and semi products made from non-ferrous metals.

We deliver, to quote a few examples of alloys used by non-ferrous metals industry, different calcium alloys, like: CaAl 60-40, 75-25, 85-15, 95-5, CaNi, magnesium alloys, aluminium alloys and many others.

We also deliver special alloys, like shape memory alloys (NITINOL), different titanium alloys (see: separate titanium page), special alloys (Cu-Cr-Zr, Cu-Co-Be) and many others. To some extent we have a possibility to supply alloys manufactured according to customer’s requirements.

KAMB Import-Export is strong in brass semi products, like: drawn bars and extruded bars, shapes (sections), tubes (general application) and tubes for heat exchangers and for condensers, drawn wires. Drawn tubes and extruded tubes can be also made from leaded brass.